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At Buy CBD, we offer premium CBD cigarettes that are made with the best hemp flower buds fresh out of the farm. These pure hemp smokes may look like your regular cigarettes but they are packed with high CBD minus the harmful content present in traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Besides our hemp cigarettes, you can also find delta-8 cigarettes, THC-O cigarettes, and HQD vapes in our shop. All of our products are designed for convenient and discreet use.

No matter which product you choose, we guarantee that our offerings will provide you with the perfect balance you need to relax.


THCa Concentrates



Your Destination for Hemp Cigarettes

Want to leverage the benefits of hemp without the negative effects of nicotine? If so, then you might be interested in the hemp cigarettes we have for sale.

Our hemp cigarettes are made with pure hemp that contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. This means that these products won’t provide the euphoric high that marijuana is known for.

What makes hemp cigarettes great is that they offer other powerful cannabis compounds such as CBD and terpenes. These naturally-occurring chemicals are non-intoxicating and don’t alter the mind. In fact, they have been found to provide numerous health benefits to users.

Finally, hemp cigarettes are legal in the United States, especially since they have been officially de-classified as a controlled substance. This means that adults can use these products without fear of being prosecuted.

Purchase Quality Delta-8 Cigarettes Online

Besides our CBD cigarettes and vapes, we also offer delta-8 cigarettes for sale online. These are similar to our CBD cigarettes except they are infused with the delta-8 compound. Such cigarettes are made from hemp and contain 0.3% of delta-9 THC or less.

This means that you won’t feel intoxicated or have any mind-altering effects due to its low THC levels. You’ll most likely experience a mellow buzz that will make you feel relaxed.

A significant advantage of delta-8 cigarettes is that they provide users with the benefits of full-spectrum compounds present in the hemp plant. The cigarettes are sealed within a pack and are quite convenient to use.


Convenient and Disposable HQD Vapes Available

If you’re looking for vapes that will provide you with the rush that comes from tobacco, then look no further than with our HQD vapes. We offer a wide variety of HQD products that are convenient to use and disposable.

Many of our vapes can last you the whole day and will provide the robust and satisfying hit you need. Our HQD vapes are also available in compact and sleek designs so you can easily bring them with you wherever you go.

Shop for CBD and Delta-8 Cigarettes Today

Buy CBD offers the best CBD and delta-8 cigarettes you can find in the market. Our products are made with pure hemp flowers and don’t contain chemicals that are harmful to one’s health.

Besides our CBD and delta-8 offerings, you can also find tobacco vapes from HQD.

Want to know more? Browse our selection of CBD, delta-8, and tobacco products today.



Incredibly helpful seller. Very responsive. Assisted me in purchasing this product and others ! Contact Danny for 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 customer service.

Ellen D.

Best CBD Pre-Rolls on the market. Amazing. Get me really relax.

Brenda G

Fast shipping. Preferred some
Brands to others but overall like them all.