THCa Flower vs. THC Flower: What’s the Difference?

Thca flower
Thca flower
Thca flower


Reports show that 3 in 10 people between the ages of 18 to 34 have smoked marijuana. And 35 to 54-year-olds made up 16% of those who had used marijuana.

If you’re interested in hemp, you may not know where to get started. There are a variety of marijuana products, and it can feel a bit overwhelming.

One of the first things you need to look into is THC flower. This is one of the more common types of flowers people use and enjoy.

Keep reading to find out what the difference is between THC flower and THCa flower.

What Is THC Flower?

If you want to buy THC, you need a better understanding of it. There are different types of flowers, and they have different effects when you use them.

This is why you need to distinguish THCa products and THC flower products. A lot of people also get THC confused with CBD.

CBD flower contains less THC, making it less potent. THC is also called cannabis, referring to the dried flower bud of the female cannabis plant.

You can buy THC as it is and its dried flower bud form. But it is also sold in a variety of cannabis products like concentrates, oils, and tinctures.

What Is THCa Flower?

When it comes to THC vs THCa, you need to understand the basics. The first thing we need to discuss is what is THCa.

Most people call THCa the precursor of THC when it comes to hemp products. It is a cannabinoid acid that occurs in the fresh cannabis plant.

Cannabinoids range and different strains depending on the cannabis plant. Most of these cannabinoids begin as carboxylic acids, which is what THCa is.

It is then converted into a non-aesthetic compound through decarboxylation. For THCa flower to qualify as hemp, it has to have a certain concentration of THC.

When the THCa flower’s exposed to heat through decarboxylation, it converts to THC. This is where a lot of people get confused when it comes to these two things.

The reality is that you will usually be using THC since it is converted THCa.

Differences Between THC and THCa

Understanding the difference between these hemp options isn’t always enough. You may also want to understand exactly how these options are different from one another.

With so many hemp products on the market, you may need to do a bit of experimenting. Everyone reacts a bit differently, and you may experience different effects.

Here are some of the main areas where THC flower and THCa flower are different.


For the most part, both of these options are very similar to each other. But there is one area where they are easy to differentiate.

THCa is not very potent by most people’s standards. It has very limited psychoactive effects, and some people may not feel them at all.

For this to become more potent, it needs to be put through a heating process. Once that happens, it is converted into THC, making it much more potent.

For instance, you can buy crystalline THCa in high concentrations. You can then convert this through the heating process to turn it into THC.

This is one way to have a much more potent concentration than you normally would. It is more potent than if you were to smoke THC with something like cannabis flowers.


Another thing you have to consider is how these hemp products impact your body. When it comes to health benefits, things are a little bit confusing.

There is still a great lack of medical information and testing on this subject. Because of this, we cannot say for certain if you will experience any of these benefits.

But some people have experienced these benefits when using THC flower products. For instance, THCa may help you with feelings of nausea or improve your appetite.

This is also something that can be enjoyed recreationally without becoming overly intoxicated. It still provides that feel-good feeling that alcohol provides without the side effects.

Some people also say that THCa helped them with inflammation. When it comes to THC, people often experience psychological effects that are very pleasurable and relaxing.

Others say it helps them with their sleep and helped with pain management. It may also help with nausea in certain individuals depending on the cause.

Keep in mind that these effects can all depend on a case-by-case basis. It may also depend on the form of hemp you are taking and the concentration.


THC and THCa are two different forms of hemp products. For the most part, THC is one of the easiest cannabis products to get your hands on.

It comes in all of the standard forms you would expect in different dispensaries. It is also easy to get a certain dosage when using THC products.

You can enjoy THC products in the form of edibles, smoking, and vaping. There are also different extracts, tinctures, and concentrated forms available.

On the other hand, it’s a little more difficult to use THCa. This is because it will usually be converted into THC when you are trying to use it.

There are some isolated THCa extracts you can buy. This includes freshly harvested cannabis plant materials and raw cannabis plant materials.

To keep this from becoming THC, you will have to consume it raw. Some people do this by eating it as it is or putting it in smoothies.

Because this is a plant, you can eat it like you would any other plant material. Keep in mind that it has a bitter taste, so this may not always be the most pleasant option.


When it comes to different materials, cannabis only recently became legal. Because of this, there is still a lot of confusion about what is legal and what isn’t.

A lot of states have a gray area when it comes to THCa. This is because it is not necessarily its own cannabis product, as it can be converted into THC.

Because of this, it is usually okay to purchase THCa for recreational use. But there are instances where it may fall under the category of THC.

It also contains a certain amount of THC, even in its raw form. That is why you need to make sure you double-check your state laws before purchasing this material.

It is better to be safe than sorry and you should already be up-to-date on the local laws. This will help you to follow the state laws when looking into marijuana products.

Does THCa Get You High?

One of the benefits of THCa is the effect it has on your body. Unlike THC, it does not have an intoxicating effect.

For a lot of people, this is a benefit as they can use it more freely. You don’t have to worry about appearing intoxicated if you are around others.

But this also means that it won’t have the same elevating effect as THC. Because of this, you will need to make your decision based on the effects you want to feel.

Will THCa Make You Fail a Drug Test?

There are a lot of legal matters to consider when you take marijuana products. One concern many people have is whether they will fail a drug test.

When THCa enters your system, it is metabolized into THC-COOH. This is something that drug test screen for to indicate cannabis use.

Because of this, it is very possible that you could fail a drug test from this product. This could have repercussions for your work or if you were pulled over by a police officer.

You may not always have the opportunity to explain what you are taking in the situation. This is something to keep in mind since a failed drug test can be very serious.

THC Flower Vs THCa Flower: Understanding the Differences

If you are interested in marijuana products, you may not know where to start. There are so many different options and strains available, and it can become very overwhelming.

Two of the options you need to look into are THC flower and THCa flower products. These are very common options that people often get confused with one another.

THCa converts into THC, making it a little difficult to consume in its natural form.

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