Anxiety, CBD & Juice Fasting

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Anxiety, CBD & Juice Fasting 

Anxiety is a huge problem in today’s society. People are rushing around everywhere expecting to work all of the time from their phones. The work and off work line has been completely blurred. We just don’t know when to rest in today’s modern fast paced society. How can you manage all of the duties of 2022 and not manage to have a bit of anxiety? Nearly everyone is struggling with some sort of anxious energy. 

CBD cigarettes is here and it is oh so helpful. However CBD cigarettes is not a cure, you must keep using it and using it each time the anxious feelings arise. Juice Fasting, however, is a cure for anxiety. You heard me, you can ditch the pharmaceutical drugs and make it with only CBD and juices as you embark on a total rebirth. Many people are afraid of fasting in today’s backwards Western Medical society. Yet, it is how your body heals itself. When you stop eating, your body can save time normally spent on digestion and start cleaning itself up and healing dis-ease. This miraculous experience can be experienced by anyone brave enough to try it. Heck, if you don’t know the first thing about juice fasting, you can always hire a juice fast coach. This way you will have a hands-on coach, checking in with you DAILY so that you can have the knowledge, support and accountability you need. 

So why does juice fasting work? You actually have a ton of toxic waste and possibly even parasites inside of your body. Anyone who hasn’t done a long juice fast is literally full of shit. All of the chemical laden, sugar coated FAKE foods we consume since birth are not meant for us. In fact, most food people are consuming today is not real food at all and our bodies simply cannot break it down. Having all of this back up in your colon is the direct cause of all dis-ease, including anxiety and panic disorders. When you give the body a break from eating solid food and only consume juices, you can absolutely minimize your anxiety. Personally, I have witnessed many others heal their anxiety. I have actually cured my own anxiety disorder through a long detox on an extended juice fast. Sure, I still get anxiety here and there but nothing debilitating anymore.

The key is to get off of all pharmaceutical drugs and use only CBD and fresh cold pressed juice to heal yourself. Have faith in yourself and in your body and don’t stop the journey until the anxiety is under control! Each day that I juice fast, I feel better. It is THAT quick. I also use my CBD in times where I need a little extra help. But, I have been able to kick habits like xanax and clonopin out for good with these methods and you can too! In today’s day and age, we are all too quick to jump to hardcore drugs (doctor drugs) and other dramatic measures. These extreme methods are dangerous and addictive and they don’t even cure anything, they just numb it. Take the leap today and do a long juice fast with a coach while you enjoy your CBD to take you where you need to go. 

I hope this article inspired you to try natural measures like CBD and juice fasting to cure your anxiety. Also, I want to remind you today to take a break. Stop and smell the flowers. Slow down even when you’re not supposed to. Trust me, it will make a big impact on your overall health! 


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