CBD Cigarettes – The Alternative to Tobacco

Hemptrance CBD Cigarettes

CBD Cigarettes – The Healthy Alternative to Tobacco Have you been trying to stop smoking Tobacco Cigarettes, but are having trouble curbing the habit?  Have you heard of CBD? CBD is becoming popular around the globe for the highly effective benefits of which it can provide to the consumer. Benefits ranging from overall relaxation, pain […]

The How-to Guide for Rolling a CBD Joint (5 Easy Steps)

Supplies Needed: Raw Unrefined Classic 1.25 papers, CBD Flower Trim, RAW Rolling Machine 110mm, Raw PRE-ROLLED tips. Load the CBD Flower (Shake) Open the RAW Rolling Machine rollers by lifting them by each side, up over the catch and down to the lowest position. You will see that the rollers will naturally create an opening. […]

The Difference Between Hemp Cigarettes and CBD Cigarettes

The Difference Between Hemp Cigarettes and CBD Cigarettes The world has placed a bright spotlight on hemp, specifically between CBD cigarettes and tobacco alternatives. As CBD continues its astronomical rise in popularity, so does the push for a reduction in tobacco consumption. Join us as a delve into the differences between hemp cigarettes and CBD […]

The How-to Guide for Rolling Roll your own CBD cigarettes (5 Easy Steps)

Roll your Own CBD Cigarettes

Supplies need: 1. High quality Hemp flower 2. Tobacco Grinder (Click here for our pick) 3. A box of cigarette tubes (Regular or Menthol) 4. Top-o-matic machine (We have tested electric and manual ones, This style works the best for long term use.) Got everything? Sweet! Let’s get started! Step 1:Take your hemp flower and […]