Accessories Smokers in 2021 Can’t Seem to go Without

Viking Axe Rainbow 40mm 4 Part Grinder

Smokers in 2021 don’t demand much, but what they do demand is their crafty little stoner tools that make everything just that much more convenient and simplified. 

Stoners have come up with their nifty little ideas over the years, but there is nothing that tops a few basics. 

Every stoner needs their grinder… 

Every stoner needs their rolling tray… 

Every stoner needs a clean pipe… 

Every stoner needs to make sure they weren’t pinched… 

With the four basics, a Grinder, a Rolling Tray, a Clean Pipe, and Flower to burn, you may as well be floating in a blissful paradise – this is all one needs. 

These accessories have become a necessity over time for the common smoker. 

These small tools not only speed up the preparation but they time and time again have proven to deliver a seamless, positive experience for the user when always keeping these tools handy. 


Grinders are crucial when it comes to ensuring that your flower, herb, or whatever else you plan to grind and smoke comes out finely ground, fluffy, and ready to be packed into a bowl! 

You can find various grinders on the market. Choosing a right grinder is important, as there is nothing more frustrating than a sticky grinder that you can’t twist or pull apart without having to summon your super human strength and projecting every ounce of energy you have into the twist in that moment. 

We here at BuyCBDCigarettes recommend the Viking Axe Grinders. These are highly effective, durable grinders at an affordable rate! 

The Viking Axe Rainbow 50mm 4 Part Grinder can be purchased at $21.00 – while the slightly smaller 40mm version is available at just $18, that’s it!

Pipe Cleaning 

You can’t really smoke with a clogged pipe, can ya’? 

Keeping a clean pipe can become a burdensome task and we can procrastinate until each puff seems to seem harder and harder to obtain. 

With each passing session, it gets harder and harder to pull a rip! 

Finally, you go to inhale and it’s happened – it is clogged. 

Instead of getting to this moment, it may save you plenty of headaches and irritation by simply investing in a pipe cleaner. 

Formula 420 Original Cleaner 12oz will have your pipe sparkling within 1 minute. No Scrubbing. No Soaking, No waiting. Get it done, and get on with your sesh! 

Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are a gift from the “clouds”. Rolling trays make it so much easier to control and keep your flower organized, and let’s not forget the angles! 

The angles make it so much easier to control the end result of the blunt or joint you are rolling, giving you the surface necessary to produce a smooth, evenly packed blunt or joint – ready to be puffed! 

BuyCBDCigarettes offers a Raw Metal Rolling Tray available in multiple size options starting at just $9! 


Scales adopted importance over the years due to the strict culture of the cannabis market previously, you know – when it used to be an illegal market? 

Consumers were sometimes concerned that they were getting “pinched” – meaning that the amount they were told they were purchasing, did not match up with the amount that was in the bag. 

This oftentimes was when the consumer was purchasing from a new source or someone they didn’t fully trust. 

As a result, the demand for scales skyrocketed. Consumers purchased scales to be able to weigh the flower upon or after purchase, to ensure it aligned with what they were expecting. 

Scales also have a variety of other uses for individuals looking to portion, weigh out specific amounts for edible recipes, weigh other types of dry herbs, etc.

When it comes to purchasing your Disposable Vapes, CBD Cigarettes, CBD Flower, and so much more you should not have to think twice of where to go. 

Striving to always be your one-stop-shop for all of your favorite vices.

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