The How-to Guide for Rolling a CBD Joint (5 Easy Steps)

Supplies Needed: Raw Unrefined Classic 1.25 papers, CBD Flower Trim, RAW Rolling Machine 110mm, Raw PRE-ROLLED tips.

  1. Load the CBD Flower (Shake)
  • Open the RAW Rolling Machine rollers by lifting them by each side, up over the catch and down to the lowest position. You will see that the rollers will naturally create an opening.
  • Insert the Raw Pre-Rolled Tip and slide it all the way over to one side.
  • Now put in a decent amount of CBD Flower Trim, enough to fill the opening about ¾ of the way. If you want the joint to be thinner – add less. Complete this step over a piece of paper or a table, as you may drop some flakes throughout the process.
  • Do not put the CBD Flower Trim on top of the filter – fill the opening from one side of the filter, to the end of the opening.

2. Roll/Compact the CBD Flower Trim

  • Close the rollers back together by lifting them up and into the catch, sealing the opening.
  • Pick up the roller and using your thumbs, begin sliding both rollers backwards simultaneously – toward you. Make sure to keep the sides and rollers tight throughout this process to keep the CBD Flower Trim compact.

3. Time to Insert the Raw Unrefined Classic 1.25 Paper

4. Final Roll

  • Roll the Raw Unrefined Classic 1.25 Paper into the rollers by repeating Step 2 – But be sure you stop before rolling the paper all the way in, leave the sticky end out before proceeding.
  • Lick the sticky part (the portion that is still sticking out (about 1/8”-1/4”)
  • Now continue rolling, be sure to roll it quite a few times on this step – to finalize the joint / ensure a solid sealing.
  • Now open the rollers by lifting each side over the nick and to the lowest position – and you will see your CBD joint sitting there, ready to smoke!

5. Smoke Time

  • Now your joint is complete! Time to smoke the CBD joint and enjoy the effects!

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