What Are Delta 8 Cigarettes?

Vance Global Delta 8 Cigarettes

What Are Delta 8 Cigarettes?

You may have heard of the new way to consume cannabis without adverse effects – Delta 8 THC. But did you know that this form of cannabis also comes in cigarette form?

Delta 8 smokes are a new and innovative hemp cigarette developed to provide consumers with an alternative to smoking or vaping cannabis at a lower regular price than traditional smokes. This product contains specific strains of the marijuana plant that maximize the effects of smoking CBD, delivering a more balanced high with none of the adverse effects of Delta 9 THC, namely dry mouth, anxiety, disorientation, pain, and panic attacks.

Delta 8 cigs are ideal for both first time and experienced cannabis consumers, specifically, those who want to experience the amazing euphoric buzz and calming and relaxing effects of both CBD and THC on the body. These products are an ideal way to treat appetite and sleep disorders, weight loss, less pain, and a cure for disease.

This article outlines how this product works and what it can offer users.  Keep reading for more information about what legal Delta 8 smokes are all about and three of the best brands to buy.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Delta 8 Hemp Cigarettes

Not all Delta 8 cigs sale are equal. It is essential to know what to look for to ensure you are getting a safe product. The best legal smokes in the market with raving customer reviews have the following features:

10 – 100mg Delta 8 THC

The best quality Delta 8 THC smokes are available in a pack of five to ten sticks, with each smoke containing a maximum of 10 – 100mg Delta 8 THC. 100mg of Delta 8 THC is the maximum amount of organic CBD hemp that can fit in one stick without negatively affecting the evenness of the burn or cause spotting on the paper.

All other ingredients in these marijuana products are naturally occurring compounds such as minor amounts of other cannabinoids, e.g., CBGA and terpenes for added flavor.

Solventless Hemp Flower Delta-8 Infusion

Delta 8 smokes made with solventless hemp are safer than smokes that contain chemical solvents. The best smokes use only organic and US-grown solventless hemp to ensure the highest quality of the organic product for customers with total transparency on growth conditions.

Full Federal Compliance

Delta 8 THC cigarettes are permissible for consumption to persons of legal age in 43 US states. However, Delta 8 products cannot be shipped to the following states where their sale is illegal: Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Montana, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, Rhode Island, and Utah.

In states where the sale of Delta 8 is legal, the final Delta 8 cannabis product must contain less than the final product has less than 0.3% of psychoactive Delta 9 THC.

Clean COAs and Independent Testing Information

A full-page Certificate of Analysis for your Delta 8 product on the retailer website provides transparency and is helpful when identifying fake products. They review the ingredient selection results in each smoke, where the hemp used is grown, and the quality and purity of the hemp flower, ensuring an exceptional Delta 8 experience for cannabis consumers.

Professional, Tamper-Proof Packaging

Your Delta 8 cig should come in sealed and tamper-proof packaging as they are not intended for use by children. They should also preferably contain US-grown hemp flower, preferably organic. Any tube injected or roll-your-own smokes may not be safe for consumption.

Some top manufacturers also use three-hole biodegradable filters and organic smoking paper made from materials such as lintless cotton for a higher quality finished product intended to deliver a smoother smoke.  Retailers should also display third-party testing results and COAs on their website for your peace of mind.

3 of the Best Delta 8 Hemp Cigarettes on the Market Today

Get a load of these high-quality legal Delta 8 sticks that have received rave reviews from customers:

Vance Global

If you’re looking for a healthier way to fulfill your cannabis high, then get ready to embrace Vance Global’s smokes. Vibrant, aromatic, and higher in THC content than the average joint, Vance Delta 8 cigs will chill you out any day of the week to help you sleep better or lose weight. Each pack contains ten sticks, and each stick contains 50mg cannabinoid content rolling up to 500mg total cannabinoids in one package.

Product Description

·        Strength/Fill: 50mg of Delta 8 THC per smoke

·        Quantity: 10 sticks per pack

·        100% organic hemp

·        Less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC

·        3-hole filter for superior performance

·        Cart SKU Checkout Code: 756029734616


Hemptrance takes a 100% natural approach to CBD consumption with these sleek, charcoal filtered smokes. Their D8 THC cigs offer a healthier way to elevate your mind, as they contain zero-fill of tobacco and nicotine. These are a stylish stick; ideal for adults who want a little booster when life gets tough.

Product Description

·       Strength/Fill: 40mg of Delta 8 THC per smoke

·       Quantity: 10 sticks per pack

·       100% organic hemp

·       Less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC

·       Diverse terpene blend for enhanced flavor

·       Cart SKU Checkout Code: 686091695426

Exhale Wellness

Exhale Wellness Delta 8 sticks are 100% Jack Herer marijuana strain and contain 80mg of Delta 8 THC per stick (640mg per pack) – fast-acting, so a quick hit is all you need. There’s no tobacco or nicotine in these cigarettes, which means you receive the full effects of the entourage effect delivered by the hemp terpenes that give them their flavorful taste.

Product Description

·      Strength/Fill: 80mg Delta 8 THC per cigarette

·     Quantity: 8 cigarettes per pack

·     100% hemp

·      No tobacco or nicotine

Delta 8 Hemp Cigarette CBD Compared to Delta 8 Vapes CBD Products

Here are some of the best reasons to choose CBD smokes over CBD vapes:

Higher Bioavailability for a Smooth Smoke

With only 0.03% legal content of Delta 9-THC, these cigs produce fewer psychoactive effects than traditional marijuana joints but still maintain an enjoyable sensation when smoked. This unique cannabinoid allows people to enjoy their weed in public while reducing the potential adverse side effects of overconsumption such as anxiety, paranoia, and restlessness.

All-natural Product Delivering Calming and Relaxing Effects

Delta 8 cigarettes have revolutionized smoking with completely unprocessed all-natural ingredients, especially pure organic hemp. Another advantage of these cigs is that they have a much slower release time than traditional methods and create less smoke, which is easier on your lungs. They are an amazing alternative if you’re looking to reduce smoking tobacco as they cheaper than the regular price of traditional smokes.

Portable and Mobile Device

Delta 8 CBD cigarettes are refreshingly easy to use. Simply put one in your mouth and light the end of it, taking as many hits based on your tolerance. They also come with a pre-fill of Delta 8 THC, so there’s no need to measure out your CBD amount each time you want to smoke.

Easy to Use

Vaping is a much-beloved activity; however, it can be inconvenient. Some people have difficulties with their vaporizer because of the high level of technology involved, and many end up switching to Delta 8 hemp cigarettes.

Entourage Effect

When you vape a Delta 8 cig, you take in the euphoric buzz and benefits from smoking hemp, including better sleep, weight loss, possible cure for diseases such as cancer, and less pain. Delta 8 smokes contain the unique properties of hemp plant terpenes. These natural compounds deliver the complete health benefits of full-spectrum CBD known as the Entourage Effect.

Better for the Environment

Hemp cigarettes carry no risk of combustion or release of toxic gases into the environment, making them incredibly environmentally friendly.

Where to Buy Delta 8 Hemp Cigarettes

These cigarettes are not widely available in stores, but you can find them online; simple fill in your product choices on your retailers store and check out to receive the product at your door.

Recently, however, the PACT Act, which prohibits the shipping of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products to consumers through the U.S. Postal Service to protect under age consumers. This created an obstacle for many a vaping company shipping Delta 8 products to customers.

The good news is that some retailers have found a legal way around this prohibition by sending their products through other means such as couriers or traditional mailboxes. In addition, due to the non-vaping status of these Delta 8 smokes, they are exempt under this act. Most reputable retailers ship Delta 8 products in compliance with current laws, which prohibit any item related to smoking tobacco.

Remember not to smoke these products if you are due for a drug test, as they will show up on drug tests 15 – 30 days after you’ve smoked them. Also, ensure that you are of legal age to use marijuana and always check with your physician, especially if using cannabis products for the first time.

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